Drilling Equipment

As well as sourcing drilling rigs, ASEC Export Supplies Ltd can also help you find a wide range of drilling tools and accessories to suit all budgets.

We can help you find a single piece of drilling equipment or help put together a full tooling package for your geotechnical, geothermal, mineral exploration and water well drilling programmes and your borehole servicing needs.

We can supply the following equipment:

Rotary Drilling Tools – drill rods, adaptors, hoist plugs, drill collars, stabilisers, non-return valves, tricone bits, drag bits, DTH hammers and button bits, imperial and metric casing

Soil Sampling – undisturbed soil sampling, SPT testing, CPT testing, dynamic probing, window sampling, windowless sampling, thin wall (Shelby tube) sampling, cable percussion tooling and casing.

Auger Drilling – conventional auger drilling, hollow stem auger drilling and jet augers.

Conventional Coring – B Series, T2 Series, T6 Series, T6S Series, TT Series, WF Series and Airflush barrels, reaming shells, and impregnated, surface set and PCD core bits.

Wireline Coring – A, B, N, H and P Series barrels, Geobor S barrels, drill rods, overshots reaming shells, rod shoes and impregnated, surface set and PCD core bits.

Reverse Circulation Hammer Drilling – RC hammer and button bits, RC rods and accessories, air core bits and cyclones.

Borehole Servicing – tooling for bailing, fishing, airlift development, jetting, brushing, swabbing and surging.

Accessories – We can also offer a full range of accessories, including water level meters, bit grinding systems, mud testing kits and core boxes.

If an item you wish to source is not on any of the lists above, please contact us and we will be happy to quote for it.

Rotary drilling equipment & casing

As an authorised distributor, ASEC Export can now supply Colcrete Eurodrill’s full range of rotary drilling tools and casing, including:
  • Drill rods, drill collars, stabilisers, adaptors, subs, hoist plugs, lay keys and fishing taps
  • Rotary threaded casing, including rope thread casing, Klemm casing, casing to BS879, W series casing along with shoes, adaptors, drive heads and hoist plugs
  • Reverse circulation drill rods
  • Rotary percussive system for top hammer drilling
  • Jet grouting rods
Drill Rods
Drill Rods
Drill Rods
Spiral Stabilisers
Rotary Percussion Rods
Rotary Percussion Rods

Tricone Bits

As well as offering a full range of both premium and economy steel tooth and tungsten carbide tricone bits we can also offer full hole PCD bits, plus large diameter tricone bits and composite bits specifically for flooded reverse circulation drilling.
Tricone Bit
Tricone Bit

Geotechnical drilling equipment

We can offer a full range of geotechnical drilling, sampling and testing equipment, including:
  • Cable percussion tooling
  • SPT tesing equipment
  • U100 sampling equipment
  • Shelby tube/thin wall samplers
  • Window samplers and windowless samplers
  • Dynamic probing
  • Augers
Large Diameter Rope Thread Casing
Large Diameter Rope Thread Casing
Large Diameter Rope Thread Casing
Large Diameter Rope Thread Casing

Coring Equipment

We can offer a full range of conventional and wireline coring equipment including:
  • B, T2, T6, T6S series metric barrels
  • WF series and Airflush barrels
  • WL series wireline barrels
  • Thin wall wireline barrels
  • Geobor S wireline barrels

We can also offer a range of premium and economy core bits and reaming shells, includng tungsten carbide, PCD, surface set and impregnated.

Core Barrel
Core Barrel

Down the hole hammers

ASEC Exports can offer a full range of DTH Hammers, bits, parts and accessories for Bulroc, Epiroc, Halco and Mincon hammers. We can also supply over-burden drilling systems to suit these hammers.