Mud testing kits

3rd July 2020 By 0 Comments

ASEC Export Supplies can provide a range of mud testing kits. The basic mud test kit illustrated contains enough equipment to carry out basic mud testing of water-based drilling fluids.

The basic mud testing kit includes:

  • Mud Balance – This gives a practical and reliable method of measuring the fluid density of drilling muds.
  • Marsh Funnel – A simple device, when used in conjunction with the measuring jug, for checking fluid viscosity. Easy to operate, the Marsh Funnel can be used to regularly check the drilling mud, highlighting any changes in its viscosity and allowing remedial action to be undertaken.
  • Sand Content Kit – The plastic funnel and sieve allow simple analysis of the sand content of drilling muds.
  • The test kit also includes a stopwatch, for use with the Marsh Funnel, and pH test strips

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